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Hannah Whiteley, Lasse Walker and Reno Romeu, stop spectators in their tracks with their fearless mega loop and big air talents, even Stefan Spiessberger, a pure freestyle rider, is singing the praises of the 2020 Dice.

Hannah Whiteley makes the most of the conditions on the day, but when there’s the opportunity to send it, she’s not one to hold back. For taking on the Cape Doctor in Cape Town, she swears by the Dice:

‘The Dice continues to impress me! The first thing I noticed about the new Dice is that the kite itself has been made even lighter so I am able to fly my 12m2 in even lighter wind. In strong wind when I’m on the smaller sizes, I feel I can jump higher and I have a more direct feeling with the kite in kiteloops. There is so much diversity in the Dice, I love mixing it up on the water and whatever discipline I want to do, the Dice delivers. From cruising around, to big air, freestyle or waves, the Dice is my favorite weapon of choice.’

Pure freestyler Stefan Spiessberger spends most of his time on the Vegas, yet the 2020 has got him on board: 

‘The new, for 2020 refined Dice feels amazing. The pulley on the bridle was removed, giving the kite a much more direct feel and making it extremely reactive, super snappy and more aggressive in kiteloops and jumps. I fell in love with the Dice all over again.”

Reno has been part of the sport and Duotone’s brand for over a decade, inspiring their designs with his passion and overall trends within the sport. However, Reno will always love skyrocketing as high as possible, pulling the trigger on loops, hitting rails or surf.

‘The new Dice is like my DNA, it matches my riding style 100%. I froth on doing extreme big airs, and with the new Dice I can boost higher and pull off more aggressive megaloops than ever before, it’s so sick!!’

Lasse Walker is at the top of the big air and mega loop game, challenging the world’s best for the top spot on the podium. Working with Ralf Grösel on the 2020 design following the King of the Air competition, in Cape Town here’re his thoughts.

‘The 2020 Duotone Dice is a machine! Through the new refinements it absolutely excels in performance when I’m doing Extreme Big Air. But, it also still has the overall feel and smooth handling the Dice has become famous for. This year the kite has a much more direct response, a super crisp feel and is way faster, which means heaps more fun and longer jumps!’