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Duotone’s new Spirit foil range is out! And who better to get a rider review from, then Jeremie Tronet. Living in the Grenadines, Jeremie is a foil addict and the light trade winds, sheltered waters, reef breaks and open oceans of the Caribbean make his home spot the ultimate foiling location. Here’s what he had to say about the 2019 Duotone Spirit foil line.

How would you describe the 2019 SPIRIT foil range?
The Spirit foil range covers it all, from complete beginners looking for an easy-entry into foiling to professional and advanced riders looking for the best in terms of performance and speed.

Tell us about the different designs in the line and who they are suited for?
Learning to foil requires stability and ease of use. Progression requires more speed and less drag. Every one of the foils in the SPIRIT range allows for fast progression, are easy to use and have high-performance capabilities.

The Spirit Freeride is the best all-arounder. It’s super easy to use but retains high-performance characteristics to support the evolution of the rider. It is the perfect foil to get started on with great stability and controlled speed.

The Spirit Surf is an incredible foil for light wind and low speeds. It delivers engaging turns and carving sensations in waves and on flat water.

As foiling is getting more popular in the surf, the Spirit Surf is a great addition to the range. The ease of use and early take off also make it a great foil to learn on with one of the shorter masts.

The Spirit GT is the high-end foil for speed and high performances. The full carbon construction sets the tone for high-end quality construction, with zero sacrifices in weight or performance.

Riders looking to progress from a user-friendly foil to a more high-performance design focusing on high speeds, air tacks and jibes should choose the Spirit GT.

What kites would you recommend for each?

My personal choice of kite for all of the Spirit foils is the Mono line. I mainly foil when the wind is below 15 knots so I generally use the Mono 7m and 9m as its lighter, one-struct construction and lower aspect ration allows smaller kite sizes to be used in super light winds.

If you are looking for speed, high performance and long riders on the Spirit GT I would recommend the Juice. It delivers great foil performance in both light and stronger winds.

How versatile is the SPIRIT range and which design in the line is good for first timers?
The GT foil range is perfect for first timers as the different mast lengths and wing designs allow for easy progression.

For a rider that has never touched a foil before I would recommend they start with a 60cm mast and a Spirit Freeride or Spirit Surf foil if they are heavier riders. As they start to get the hang of it, the next step would be to upgrade to the longer 90cm mast.

The Spirit line has multiple options for the rider to evolve. Once control, carving and confidence is built, the Spirit GT front and back Carbon 30 wings will open up the playground of speed and high performance.

What makes foiling so exciting?
Foiling has redefined the limits of kitesurfing, adding an entirely new dimension to this already amazing sport. It’s cool.

How has the Duotone foil range developed over the years?
The Duotone foil range has always evolved with two key components in mind; safety and ease of use for its customers.

Over the years and as the sport has developed, Duotone has always put a lot of effort into developing the more technical and aerodynamic aspects of the foils. The outcome has been an amazing range of products that caters everyone.

What makes the perfect foil?
In my mind the perfect foil modular. This was it can be adapted to the conditions and mindset of the rider. Being able to change the front and back wings easily on a foil depending on conditions, riding styles and goals of each rider is so important, as well as covering all skillsets.

This article first appeared on the Duotone website here: https://www.duotonesports.com/kiteboarding/more/about-us/news/detailed/jeremie-tronet-reviews-the-spirit-line/