I’m quite often asked to describe the new location of my coaching camps, but it’s difficult to explain Beran Island to those that have never been. ‘Paradise’ is a word that is all too often used to describe the perfect kite destination, but it just doesn’t do justice to Martin Daly’s new kitesurfing outpost in the Marshall Islands.Most kite destinations, despite their turquoise blue water and highly sought after wind conditions, tend to feel like paradise lost. Clogged with tourism infrastructure and crowds, the natural beauty and everything that brings people to these destinations feels exploited. More often than not you’ve got to race to be the first kite out in an otherwise crowded lineup, or tack back and forth on the sidelines waiting for the wind to push the surfing crowd out. In my travels, I’ve explored some of the best kite waves this world has to offer, yet none have ever come close to the isolated solace and vastly untouched beauty of the Marshall Islands. Beran Island Resort is the one place that restores that feeling we are all searching for, that of paradise found… To read the full article become a subscriber of Tkb Magazine.

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