Welcome to a new era!
Duotone Kiteboarding – Dedicated to the future, with honor to the past, setting the tone.

“Creating the latest trends in kiteboarding and providing the best products, we don’t wait for a breakthrough, we make it. You’ve probably noticed the new look, but also the same high-quality products and groundbreaking innovations you’ve come to trust. It’s not a comeback, we never left:

Remember the Rebel – still sending.
Remember the Vegas – still shredding.
Remember the Dice – still home in Freestyle and Waves.
Remember the Neo – still smacking lips.
Remember the Evo – still doing it all.

We reinvented this sport, and we’re doing it again. We don´t care about gimmicks or following trends, we care about creativity and setting trends. Innovation and progression are in our DNA. We create concepts and legends. Creating history with a future. We are True Kiteboarding. We are Duotone.”

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