New to the 2019 kite line up, Airush has introduced a fixed bridle system to their Union and Wave kites. The idea behind this is to allow riders a unique customization to tailor the feel of the kite to their exact needs. Airush caught up with North American team rider, Sam Medysky, to see what he thinks of the Union v4 and the new fixed bridle system…

How does the new fixed bridle contribute to the overall feel of the Union V4?

Sam: The new fixed bridle on the Union v4 gives the kite a more aggressive overall feel. The bar pressure is similar to the v3, but the steering feels much more direct and the rider’s connection with the kite is much better. For both hooked and unhooked riding, this gives the rider a better overall feel for where the kite is in the sky and wind window.
How does the fixed bridle contribute to the unhooked performance of the kite?

Sam: The fixed bridle gives it the direct feel and steering of a C kite, but with much lighter bar pressure. It allows you to feel where the kite is in the sky during a trick. The direct steering from the fixed bridle allows the bar to stay straight while unhooked rather than trying to pivot to one side or the other from the centerlines due to the pulleys previously at the top of the kite.
What’s the biggest difference between the feel of the Union V3 and the new V4?

Sam: The V4 has enhanced forward drive through the window, making for a big boosting kite, added slack for unhooked tricks and no back stalling. The V4 also has increased low-end wind range while still keeping it’s overall high-end wind range performance.
Final thoughts?

 In my opinion, the Union v4 is the best all-around bridled freestyle kite on the market. If you want something to ride for freestyle, big air or park – No compromise, the Union v4 does it all, and does it all great!

This article first appeared on Airush’s website here:

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