In this video, team rider Oswald Smith talks us through the process of changing your bridle setup on the Wave V8 outside of the Alex Pastor Kite Centre in Tarifa, Spain. The kite manual inside of the bag, includes a schematic diagram showing the attachment points along the leading edge as well as your fixed bridles assembled and ready to be fitted. In Part 1 of the video, the original pulley bridle is removed by loosening up the larks head hitch on the 4 attachment points of each of the bridles. This must be done on both sides of the kite to remove both pulley bridles. In Part 2 of the video, the fixed bridles are attached using the same larks head hitch on each of the 4 attachment points. This must be done on both sides of the kite, so that the kite has fixed bridles attached on both sides on the kite. As simple as this adjustment is, it remains important to execute this process with extreme caution to ensure that the bridles have been securely attached and are not in any way tangled. Once you have fitted your fixed bridle, make sure to have a friend assist with launching at the beach and once you are sure the bridles have been fitted correctly and are working properly, you can hit the water.

Why did Airush include two bridles?

New to the Wave V8, is the option of changing the kite to a fixed bridle system, allowing the rider a unique customization to tailor the kite to their exact needs.

Out of the box, the Wave V8 comes fitted with the tried and tested V3.2 bridle that you have come to know over the years, and delivers the classic Airush feel of smooth depower and ease of use. Characteristics of this bridle setup would include a longer depower range with a smooth power delivery and amazing gust response.

The new fixed bridle adds a new dimension to the kite that can be characterized by a direct steering response, which requires less bar input, and an on-off power delivery, which suits a more aggressive wave riding style where the power of the kite is being used to charge down the line or hit the lip. This bridle option has also been included to cater for riders who have gotten to know kites with fixed bridles, and would prefer this option.