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Tkb’s summer 2018 issue is dropping into subscriber mailboxes everywhere. On the cover Eric Rienstra seamlessly crosses between the roles of professional athlete, event judge and kite brand rep while relentlessly pushing the progression of park riding.

In this issue we follow Gabi Steindl through the ups and downs of a kitesurf mission to Matanzas, Chile, explore Northeast Brazil’s carefully curated multi-day downwinders courtesy of Surfin Sem Fim and follow Blake Olsen to New Orleans where he discovers kite spots in the least likely of places. We interview Big Wave Surfing World Champion and kitesurfer, Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker about the transition from kitesurfing to big wave surfing and foilsurfing, tail Emily Reich and Evan Netsch to Puerto Rico just nine months after Hurricane Maria and follow Jerrie van de Kop on a massive wind-assisted voyage to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in the name of climate change awareness.

Tkb’s 2018 summer issue, Vol. 15, No. 2 is available in coffee table print or through the convenience of your digital device.


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When the South American trip of a lifetime goes sour, Gabi Steindl leaves the tiny surf village of Matanzas, Chile for the great wide open of Patagonia, only to return to Roca Cuadrada with a kitesurfing vengeance.

When Marco Dalpozzo discovered long distance kite travel in the northeast corner of Brazil, little did he know that he was laying the building blocks for the ultimate kitesurfing long distance adventure company, melding multi-day downwinders with tests of endurance, professional coaching and luxurious accommodations at every step along the way. // Photos Analice Diniz and Bruna Arcangelo Toledo.

Michigan’s Blake Olsen returns from a gauntlet of international kite travel to find himself smack dab in the middle of New Orleans. Exploring every nook and cranny, Blake uncovers kiteboarding in the least likely of places.

South Africa’s legendary big wave surfer Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker reveals kiteboarding as the gateway drug to a late-in-life tow surfing career and WSL Big Wave Surfing World Championship.

Nine months after hurricane Maria unleashed the worst devastation in Puerto Rican history, Emily Reich returns to survey the damage and take advantage of the empty lineups.

Dutch professional kiteboarder Jerrie van de Kop embarks on a massive wind-assisted voyage from the island of Zanzibar to Mount Kilimanjaro in order to bring attention to climate change and the potential remediation efforts by environmental NGOs in Africa.

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