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As the sun rose over Isla Cerralvo, across the bay from La Ventana, the fog that had plagued contestants the previous day was clearly seen looming on the horizon. By 11:00am it had cleared with the sun shining brightly and a mild Northerly breeze filled the bay. Within 30 mins, judges out on the water blasted a single horn indicating to riders that the event was on. Racers lined up for the start of the first race and you could feel the tension in the air as they anxiously awaited the start of the first race. When the judges horn finally blasted, competitors bolted past the start buoy. The pack stayed pretty tight around the first two marks. As the race progressed a breakaway pack was starting to form. Going into the final leg, the leaders started to pull away with the remainder of the pack desperately trying to keep it close. Finishing the first race was Olly Bridge and then his brother Guy. Axel Mazella passed the finish line in a close third followed by Riley Gibbs and Florian Gruber.
Going into the second race, you could clearly see out on the horizon more wind on the water. Guy, Axel and Florian took a early lead and everyone else played catch-up. Those leading the race at the start stuck close to each other, even as a new contention of riders closed in and made a play for the lead. As the race neared the end, it appeared that within the newly formed pack, a breakaway was happening. Olly made a last ditch attempt and pushed ahead of Guy to take the win, Axel who followed closely behind and then Theo de Ramecourt and Florian.
As the third race started, Olly, Theo and Florian had a great start. They were way ahead of the pack and by accounts looked to be pulling away from the main group. Florian made a smart tactical jibe and jumped into the early lead going into the downward leg leaving the remainder two riders behind him. As the race progressed, a battle of wits ensued and riders took long outside lines trying to figure out what would give the best possible advantage. Mistakes were made, many going too high a reach towards the final lap. Those critical errors cost many of the leading pack vying for a win, the placement they wanted towards the finish line. Not to be denied, Axel, after a less than stellar start, swooped in cross the finishing line first, followed by Theo in second, Guy in third, Florian in forth and Olly in fifth.

Shortly before 4:30pm, race officials decided to call one last and final race. As the athletes reluctantly gathered their gear and entered the water. A dark, low rain cloud assented of the event site that made the racers contemplated the judges decision, ,any still holding refreshments in their hands and wishing that the karaoke night would begin. But true to form they got out on the water and awaited the start of the race. Olly, Axel, Nico Landauer and the Italian Riccardo Leccese bolted out front once the horn blew. Guy was stuck in the middle of the pack and making moves. He took a chance and tacked early, blowing past the leaders and extending the lead. His older brother Olly, taking a different line, suddenly fell behind. As they all rounded the third buoy, a dead spot appeared and Guy’s kite fell out of the sky. Olly managed to dodge the carnage, tip toeing and pumping his board passed his brother in the water. Axel and Olly switched back and forth for the lead as they neared the finish. With every bit of energy that he could muster, Olly claimed victory, with Axel hot on his heels. Florian squeaked into third and Maxime Nocher in forth.

Overall Standings after today’s races


  1. Olly Bridge
  2. Axel Mazella
  3. Guy Bridge
  4. Florian Gruber
  5. Maxime Nocher
  6. Theo Lhostis
  7. Theo de Ramecourt
  8. Riley Gibbs
  9. Alessio Brasili
  10. Denis Taradin


  1. Daniela Moroz
  2. Kirstyn OBrien
  3. Evelyn Hull