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Come join the Tkb crew at Palapas Ventana when we demo the new model year gear in La Ventana, Baja. Now in its 6th year, the Tkb Baja Freeride Test just gets better and better! Don’t believe us?

Here’s what some of our past testers have to say about Tkb’s Freeride Test Week:

Justin Lord (2017): I was surprised how refined many of the kites have become ”” lightweight, stable and durable. It seems like the kites that stood out the most were the ones that have failed to keep up with the pack in terms of kite performance and product advancement.

Ross Danielson (2016): The number of different quick release systems for all the different brands is crazy some work well and some not so much. I think the industry could definitely benefit from more standardization here. Seeing and experiencing how each brand built their bars, bridles and adjustments gave me a lot of respect for the designers that do it really well it can’t be easy!

Mike Stephens (2015): I found all the presentations and demos from the kite companies to be incredibly informative. Reading about how gear is designed is one thing but having the gear in front of you with someone who knows how it was made and why it was designed that way shed a whole new light on what goes into design and construction. In retrospect I regret not immediately getting on the kites and boards that we had presentations on that morning and putting more thought into my riding and what was discussed.

For more info and to apply for Tkb’s 2018 Freeride Test Week visit: https://www.thekiteboarder.com/2017/06/2018-tkb-baja-freeride-test/