CORE just released their next generation Choice and Bolt. Lighter, stronger and maybe a tad more rad, CORE’s second generation all carbon freestyle boards shed 300 grams to make the new designs unbelievably responsive yet stronger than ever.

How did they do it? A new CNC milling and production process extends the Paulownia wood corecloser to the board edges to reduce weight and increase reflexivity. The refined channels and Vario Rails give you the grip and control you need with or without fins. The Bolt 2 and Choice 2 both continue to benefit from CORE’s proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber weave that further optimizes board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex for more pop and silly ear to ear grins.

Check out the Choice 2 and Bolt 2 videos below:

Choice 2: The All-in-One Freestyler that is 300g lighter yet even stronger.

Bolt 2: the uncompromising Wakestyler. Now 300g lighter, faster in the lulls, and just as bombproof as ever.

Find out more about the Choice 2 and Bolt 2 at www.corekites.com


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