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The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada have been having a number of emails from kiters wanting to get involved with VKSA 2015, but who are only available for one or two of the event weekends (18-20 Sept, 2-4 Oct or 16-18 Oct.) with concern that they will waste their £40 registration if the event happens on a weekend when they cant make it.

A tricky element for planning the event, they now have a solution.

1  When you sign up, select the weekends you can do and register as normal at www.kitesurfingarmada.com

2. If the event happens on a weekend you stated from the start you couldn’t attend – with the new system, the VKSA can now offer you a refund in full, minus the £2 processing fee.

Of course, if you have ticked that you will be available on the weekend the event happens, but then can’t make it for another reason – car breaks down, granny is unwell, kite gear got delayed coming back from Cabarete etc. unfortunately, refunds will not be offered. However, if you know right from the start that you can’t make a weekend and mention this in the registration form, the VKSA will reimburse you. 

You will also still be able to donate your contribution to support the Armada Trust charities should you wish and of course, the VKSA will send you your Mystic event rashguard! But this is entirely optional. There will be a simple claim form on the website after the event, and if you have already registered, don’t worry, this all applies to you to.

The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada look forward to seeing you all down at Hayling, smashing the World Record and raising loads for charity!