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Jalou Langeree, the 25-year-old smiling Dutchie is one of the biggest wave riding icons in the sport of kitesurfing. She truly represents the core of the sport on and off the water. Mystic teamed up with Jalou for improving both women’s waterwear and lifestyle collections.

Mystic’s Marketing Director, Max Blom said, “We are very happy to have Jalou on board. She is a great person, very professional and a great athlete. Women’s kiteboarding is growing and we believe specialized products will help growing that side of the sport. Jalou will work closely with our R&D team to improve the women’s products at Mystic. With her experience in the sport she has a lot of fresh ideas and knowledge to move things forward.”

This year, you’ll see Jalou competing in the wave discipline of the Virgin World Kitesurfing Championships, where she has started off really well by winning the first stop in Dakhla, Morocco!


Check out Jalou’s teampage here: https://mysticboarding.com/teamriders/jalou-langeree