Photo Thorsten Indra

Photo Thorsten Indra

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Easily recognizable by the yellow and white color scheme on all their products, CORE has developed a North American following after being introduced to the North American market just a few years ago. Brett Zacher from CORE Kites USA answered our questions about the brand’s product offering for 2014.

What are the main changes to the CORE kites for 2014?
CORE spends two years developing and testing each model and has recently released the new Riot XR3. CORE believes it’s better to spend time to develop a stronger, more improved product than release a new edition every single year for no specific reason. The XR3 has some big improvements over the previous version. The Optimized Aerodynamic and Intelligent Arc makes the Riot XR3 a true jumping machine. The inspiration behind this comes from nature.

As a bird is able to glide without flapping its wings for long durations of time, the Riot XR3 spreads its wings when the bar is pulled in. We call it big air power on demand. This also allows for a more powerful down stroke which assists with early planing. Conversely the projected surface of the kite is reduced when depowered, adding to the agility of the kite when depowered and allowing for precise turns. This characteristic makes the Riot XR3 ideal for riding in the waves.

The Riot XR3 is the first kite to benefit from the use of the exclusive CoreTex Triple Ripstop fabric. It not only increased the durability, tensile strength, and air permeability, but also infused the kite with a very crisp, responsive ride. Since the new fabric has less stretch, it increases the life of your kite and eliminates any steering delay. The new Short Bridle System improved the already quick response of the kite and we kept the instant auto relaunch thanks to the proven delta design. Finally, we also improved the already fantastic inflation system, allowing for the least restrictive pumping of any kite.

CORE_RiotXR3_Cutout_RGB TI

How should a rider choose between the Riot XR3 and GTS2?
Both are all-in-one kites suited for everyone and every condition. Riders just choose between the one with crossride/freeride strengths (Riot XR3) or the more aggressive kite for kiteloops and freestyle (GTS2). It’s as simple as that.

CORE_GTS2_Cutout_right TI

What is special about the Riot XR3 LW other than being a larger version of the Riot XR3?
In addition to improved light wind performance the Riot XR3 LW stands for agility and pure ride joy, even when the wind is blowing less than 10 knots. The LW directly benefits from the new developments of its little brother, the Riot XR3. The new Short Bridle System allows for a very direct bar feeling and dynamic feedback when steering the kite. This enables real kite loops, which were previously unheard of during light wind sessions.

A focus on light wind build methods gives the Riot XR3 LW its performance abilities in light wind conditions. As an example we use thinner tubes and CoreTex Light fabric in our production. Despite being as light as a feather the sophisticated construction allows the kite to hold its own when the wind picks up. Thanks to its dynamic properties, the Riot XR3 LW makes you feel as if you were flying a noticeably smaller kite while also being a hang time machine. The LW kites also come with 3m line extensions.

CORE kites are very recognizable by the distinctive yellow and white color scheme on all kites. Any plans to change this?
Nope! CORE riders love the timeless and technical design and love to be part of the CORE community. They can easily recognize other riders from far away. And hey, these are the brand colors!

Photo Axel Reese

Photo Axel Reese

Can you explain what the CORE Intelligent Trim System is?
The rider can individually adjust both the bar pressure and the turning speed. The turning speed is adjustable from easy handling to super agile. The bar pressure and feedback are easily adjustable from light to strong. On delivery the kite is already ideally set up for 90% of riders.


How is the CORE inflation system different compared to others on the market?
A real comfort feature of the Speed Pump System is the new Speed Valve 2. You’ll be able to pump up your Riot XR3 in a significantly shorter time while being able to deflate the kite in seconds. Bigger kites are now able to be inflated and deflated with greater comfort. How is this possible? The pump hose is able to be placed inside the Speed Valve 2 valve. This allows the air to flow through the nearly three times bigger valve diameter without hindrance.

Any changes to the SENSOR bar for 2014?
The unique hollow Unibody construction reduces the weight by 43% while also increasing the breaking load. The intelligent mass distribution and reduction of the mass moment of inertia (by 55%) enables a noticeably more direct feeling of the kite. In addition, the leveled bar ends reduce the steering force through improved leverage. The middle of the bar was optimized with a further development of the line guides and a noticeably thinner bar diameter. The low wear adjuster cuts the trimming effort in half. The SENSOR Bar is suitable for all kite sizes – one bar for all. The longer SENSOR Pro Leash and bigger Pro-Loop are available for pro riders.

Photo Thorsten Indra

Photo Thorsten Indra

Why does CORE use a twist to release system instead of the more common push away system?
The ergonomically designed revolutionary rotor quick-release enables an intuitive safety release with the least amount of effort. The entire safety system, quick release, and the new leash work together harmoniously. The SENSOR Bar not only exceeds the highest standards, but also sets new levels in safety.

What is unique about the CORE boards?
More time on the water and less time trying to decide which board to ride. The Fusion takes the complexity out of the board choice dilemma. We have developed a real Crossride board that covers all aspects of kiteboarding without compromising on any of them. The Fusion is ideal for riders of all levels and will develop with you as you continue to improve. We have transferred our expertise from our custom CARVED boards to a high-tech CARTAN high-performance carbon series production board.

Fusion Boards top-bottom MW

What makes the Fusion LW a light wind-specific board?
The Fusion LW Series is made completely from CARTAN carbon. Since a greater planning surface displaces more water together with the lower speeds achieved in lighter winds, the bottom concave, channel, and V were reduced by a millimeter. This modification minimizes water resistance while still guaranteeing adequate grip to deal with gusts.

Why just one twin tip and one surfboard model?
We like to keep it simple. The boards are all-in-one products so the rider only needs to choose the right board according to his weight.

Ripper_1 MW

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