Just like knowing how to use your kite’s safety system before you need it, it’s better to know how to maintain and repair your kite before it’s actually broken. Modern kiteboarding gear is very dependable, but things do sometimes break. Knowing what parts you need on hand and having a basic knowledge of gear repair can potentially save a single session — or an entire vacation.

The TKB Repair and Maintenance Guide is a downloadable for viewing on your favorite device and includes the following topics:

  • General Gear Care Tips
  • Knots for Kiteboarders
  • Pre-Season Kite Check
  • Proper Bar Maintenance
  • Make Your Kite Last Longer
  • What to Carry for Repairs
  • DIY Kite Repairs
  • Locating a Bladder Leak
  • Bladder Removal and Installation
  • Bridle Lines
  • Pigtails
  • Re-Sleeve Line Ends
  • DIY vs. Professional Repairs
  • 5 Kite Repair Myths
  • When Is My Kite Toast?
  • Screws and Threads
  • Minor Twin Tip Repair
  • Minor Surfboard Repair
  • Wetsuit and Harness Care Tips

Available now in the TKB Store for $1.99.