Deb Suping (1)

Slingshot Sports is pleased to announce that Debbie Fuller will now be working closely with Jeff Logosz, Greg Kish, Gary Huck and Colin Jacobs as the new Special Projects/Communications Manager.  Debbie has been with Slingshot Sports for two years working in stand up paddle board sales, trade show coordination and in the development of the Customer Service department but, will now move over to dedicate her time to company communications.

Debbie brings 15+ years of marketing experience and, more specifically, 10+ years in the sporting goods industry. She will be working closely with all departments helping to execute a more cohesive and streamlined communications strategy for all channels. This new position will include National and International communications to the media, Slingshot dealers and consumers, for all three sports categories.    “I am really excited to be moving more into a communications role here at Slingshot as my passion and work history lies in marketing communications.”

“As our sports categories have grown our communications needs have also grown” says CEO Jeff Logosz.  “Communicating with our channels is extremely important for not only building sales but also building relationships with our partners and customers. With the addition of Debbie, Slingshot communications will be consistent across channels; timely, informative and streamlined”.

Congrats on the new position, Debbie!