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From North Kiteboarding:

The Dyno stretches the boundaries of what was thought to be possible in a light wind inflatable kite. Utilizing the highest quality lightweight fabrics the Dyno’s specialized construction allows it to fly in super light wind and create more efficient power than a heavier kite of equal size.

The Dyno’s optimized canopy profile offers unparalleled upwind performance and superior low-end grunt for steady and predictable parked power that carries you through wind lulls. Besides it’s impressive light wind abilities many of Dyno’s free-ride attributes, like steady bar feel, quick turning and generous depower, also happen to make it the number one choice for our world cup race team.

With multiple world championship race titles to its name, the Dyno is clearly a highly competitive course-racing kite, but it is also equally at home free-riding and boosting huge jumps.