The 2012 La Ventana Classic has been great so far this year. If you’ve been following the daily photos and updates on Facebook or, you know what an amazing event this is, and we are only at the halfway point! The action has included an 11-mile island kite crossing, 10-mile island SUP crossing, skydiving, beach games, nightly parties, kiteboarding and SUP demos, and more! That’s the good news. Unfortunately we have a little bad news and need to ask for your help.

The La Ventana Classic is being heavily gouged by government inspectors from La Paz this year for taxes, fees, and additional permits. These things have been granted for free in previous years due to the fact that the La Ventana Classic is non-profit fundraising event for the local schools and community.

The government inspectors are now receiving large sums of money from other nearby events and as such are putting the squeeze on us. The government is not complying with any of their promises to assist the event. Our fundraising efforts to help the schools in La Ventana and El Sargento are now in jeopardy.

We need you – the riders, general public, sponsors, and local businesses – to rally together more than ever to support our local community. If you are here at the event, buy more beer, raffle tickets, shirts, or donate to the cans. If you aren’t here in La Ventana and want to help us raise the most money possible, you can make a Paypal donation of any size to

The La Ventana Classic is now in its seventh year and is an official non-profit Mexican corporation. The event has raised almost $75,000 USD since its inception. The La Ventana Classic A.C. is the equivalent of 503(c) Corporation in the United States and donations are tax deductible. All of the money raised by this event goes to projects to improve the schools and community in the small towns of La Ventana and El Sargento. Paypal donations of any amount can be made to We appreciate your support!