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Dear friends of Kinsley and Jamie Thomas Wong,

Kinsley was involved in a kiting incident here in San Luis Obispo yesterday 7/16. He was airlifted to the hospital and is currently in ICU at Sierra Vista in San Luis Obispo, CA. He will not be able to receive any visitors for at least another 24 if noth 48 hours. He is expected to be there for a week, if not a few. It is too early to tell.

Jamie has asked me to get the word out to Kinsley’s friends so I will be posting to Kinsley’s facebook account (wall) and my personal facebook account(Marina Chang) udpates as we know what is going on. Our good friend Steve Benaron, a local kitesurfer, is also an ER doctor at Sierra Vista/Twin Cities and is helping Jamie and the family understand everything that is going on/advising them. We are very grateful to have him and his family’s support. Please keep Kinsley in your thoughts, try not to call the hospital or Jamie until we know more and go to Kinsley’s (https://www.facebook.com/#!/XtremeBigAir) or my facebook pages  for updates on his condition. You may also email me at marina at the kiteboarder.com or call me at 805 459 2373. I am posting this on the magazine website as Kinsley has touched so many people with his positive vibes and aloha spirit and know that he would want his friends to know what his going on.  I will ask Jamie today if she wants me to post on our TKB facebook account as well but for now, all udpates will be posted on Kinsley and my facebook pages only.

Marina Chang

Publisher, The Kiteboarder Magazine