This report just came to us from the guys at Brokite, who just finished a 100-mile kiteboarding journey along the Texas Intercoastal Waterway.

It’s a done deal.  About 250 miles of track laid down on the 100 miles of butter between SPI and Corpus Christi.  The BRO crew landed at Lola Johnson in front of the house yesterday afternoon after kiting for 3 days.  It was not a race but an exploration of the Intracoastal waterway and the connecting Upper and Lower Laguna Madre.  The diversity in the waters along the 3 day trek was unbelievable.  We rode consistent SSE winds that pumped 25-40 the entire way, and blew non-stop!


To say that it met our expectations would be a grand understatement….it far exceeded anything we could have imagined.  The vast Texas landscape that surrounds the area is all “Texan”….with cactus in bloom, dunes dotting the seashores, migrating birds in abundance, windmills spinning in the distance, and hundreds of square miles of open waters.  We were able to travel along the Intracoastal Canal and branch out and explore areas that no other water craft can access; we zigzagged our way across the canal the entire way with the exception of the Land-cut. We experienced no major mishaps, but our support boats proved to be crucial in completing the journey.

Along the way we met some very friendly folks, found many outstanding riding spots, some quite unique in their set-up; and have quite a few stories to tell.  After de-rjgging the kites and winding down a bit we were all rather AWESTRUCK…we knew it would be extremely special and very challenging, but it is starting to sink in as to how incredible the journey has been.  We are in the process of gathering all of our documentation and look forward to sharing it with you.

Here are a few links to some forums where we have posted info on the trip:

Here are a few links to some video/pics of the trip:\

Thanks,  BROKITE

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