This online video series shows Youri traveling to Tarifa, Brazil and Africa finding the best kitesurfing destinations to train. In the action-packed episodes he shows why he is the current vice world champion and holds the title for ‘best trick’.

After being injured for two years, Youri has made an unbelievable comeback in the PKRA. Youri is famous for his powered moves and flawless style, Youri; ‘My style is to make a trick look easy’.


The webisodes show Youri’s life as he travels the world, looking for the best conditions and a unstressed lifestyle. The journey starts in Tarifa, which is the hometown of his girlfriend and pro-kiteboarder Ángela Peral. In Brazil he shows the boys at the famous Cauipe lagoon how it’s done, and also discovers some less known spots in the Cumbucco area. Africa sets the decor for the last episodes where he packs his kites for a roadtrip.

Youri’s sponsors Brunotti, Slingshot and Koraal helped to produce the webisodes, together with G-Shock, Kater, and Eurofuncentre.

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