In an effort to keep kiteboarding eco-friendly, Kitecycle was founded on the mission to save our environment while offering quality products.

“We strongly believe that the solutions to our environmental problems start with creative problem solving at the local level. Our two prong approach is to reduce the amount of kites heading for our landfills while recycling kite materials to create a new product with a positive environmental impact.” – Kitecycle

Obviously Caution Kites got the memo and are joining the cause.


Caution Kites is offering big discounts on new Zombies Series Kites and Trespass Series Directionals when you donate your old kite to Kitecycle. With your donation, Caution is offering $300 off on Zombies with each kite donation and 20% off Trespass boards. That’s not all…Caution is clearing out inventory and offering blowout pricing on their Mayhem kites. CLICK HERE to check out some sick deals from Caution Kites and Kitecycle.

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