Slingshot Kiteboardingss_fuse.gif

Product: Fuse

Size: 149cm
Fins: 6

From the Manufacturer:

Experience the enjoyment of riding waves or wind swell right out of the box. Slingshot board designer John Doyle has taken his 25 years of board shaping experience to create the ultimate directional kiteboard that makes its home on waves or wind swell. The unique shape and directional rocker line of the Fuse make it easier than ever for anyone familiar with riding a twin tip to enjoy waves without the learning curve.

The Kiteboarder Report:

The Fuse board is an interesting board to say the least. Slingshot deems it a “directional kiteboard,” which is exactly what it is. The board has about the same thickness of a traditional twin tip, but the shape of a directional board with little rocker and rounded rails. We tested the board moderately powered on an 11m kite in 2-3 foot slop surf. Everyone agreed the board was an upwind machine. The four fins in the back and two fins in the front combined with the tunnel concave made it track efficiently and smoothly. Riding the board switch proved to be a little more challenging than anticipated. It did work, but due to the directional nature of the board it was much easier to ride its favored direction. The Fuse turned efficiently and was fun in the waves, but due to the lack of volume it lost the feel of true surfboard shape. The overall construction of the board is the quality you would expect from Slingshot. The Duraglide bottom is bombproof and ready to take a beating. The pads and straps are “cush” and feel similar to those you would find on an everyday twin tip. Don’t let the surfy outline fool you, you can still rock your freestyle tricks on this board. Overall the Fuse is a nice package for anyone who wants a directional twin tip that goes upwind efficiently and wants to transition to a surfboard without having to learn how to jibe. This board could also find a place in anyone’s light wind arsenal.

Board Review

Durability: Duraglide bottom is the bomb, Excellent

Weight: Not feather light but not a brick, Average

Turning: Easy to turn, can be ridden both directions, Average

Pop: Despite the surfy outline, the board still has pop, Above Average

Upwindability: Six fins make it track upwind very efficiently, Excellent

Straps and pads: Symmetrical pads and adjustable straps, Excellent

Fins: four, 2.5” in the rear and two, 1’5” in the front, Above Average

Overall Ride: Easy to jump on and feel comfortable, Above Average