Kitesurfing vacation

Two very quick news items. We have 3 cabins available in the upcoming months. Two in the ABC islands in the Netherlands Antilles and the other in the San Blas archipelago in Panama. They are all extraordinary areas promising incredible adventure.

For details, visit these trip links:

Trip #11, Bonnaire to Aruba via Curacao September 22, 2007 (10 days)
Trip #12, Aruba and the ABC islands October 6, 2007 (10 days)
Trip #13, San Blas Archipelago November 17, 2007 (14 days)

Our big wave, all-pro invitational in Bocas Del Toro now has the following riders: Pete Cabrinha, Robby Naish, Raphael Salles, Mauricio Abreu, Will James, Ben Wilson, Reo Stevens, Josh Mulcoy, Chris Wyman, and Joao Pedro Simonsen. We’re currently seeking sponsorship for the event and will possibly provide a few slots for those of you who just love to ride. Stay tuned.

For pictures and updates on our travels, please visit here.

Gavin McClurg

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