The first stop of the Pkra World Tour finished this weekend and I had a good start for the season, winning the event! I’m super happy and looking forward for the other stops. I won the first elimination, having two hard heats on my way to the top. The first one was on the semi-finals against Karolina Winkowska and the second one was against Gisela Pulido in the finals. I did the finals on my 7m yarga and I had the perfect power to do pretty much all my tricks and it was a smooth heat. Winning the single elimination made things a lot easier for me and I jut had to wait for the doubles to defend my position.

On the last day of event we had the finals for the doubles. It was tiring conditions for the riders because the wind was light so we had to take out the big kites and run on the beach. The girl that came to challenge me was Gisela. I made a mistake on our first heat taking the wrong kite out andbecause of that I was super underpowered and couldn’t go upwind but for the second heat I took the right size kite and went for it full power!! Winning the event It was a great competition and I’m already getting ready to Austria!!

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