As many of you know, kiteboarding is being more popular in Minnesota.  We are the land of 10, 000 lakes and usually about six months of winter.

What a great location for a sport that uses frozen lakes, snow and wind power!  As the sport has become more popular we have seen more and more people out on the lakes.  We looked around and noticed that about 10 of those people were female.  With that observation a women’s kiteboarding group was formed. MN Kite Divas! A women’s section was added to the website  and is still in the stages of development to help women who want to get into the sport meet the local rider, learn more about women specific gear and great places to kite and try the sport.

Emily Saude contacted Claudia Nygard “KiteGirl” about the possibility of coming to Minnesota and putting on one of her KiteGirl Clinics.  After planning on both of their parts the clinic was a huge success!

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