The new RRD North American Distributor, Nick Bowers, was ASnews.net’s special guest on Thursday, November 9. The podcast was very interesting with great questions coming out of the live chat room. Some topics covered included:

C-Kites – why he thinks they’ll make a comeback
Kite Construction- why panel construction make a difference to aerodynamics of the kite (fabric stretches, seams don’t)
Bows/SLE’s – false sense of security? There is no one kite quiver
How kiteboarding is viewed in Europe versus US
RRD Zippers – what do they really do and why hasn’t anyone copied them?
Which products are best for what type of riders and their specific riding conditions
bars- their evolution and props to naish and north

About Nick:

Nick Bowers started kiting in 2002 and was immediately hooked. In the beginning, he wanted to try as many different kite brands as possible and used to scour E-bay for deals on the latest and greatest to hit the market. He has lived in Wisconsin, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina and a handful of other places so he has experienced many different riding locations and conditions. He was first drawn to RRD in 2004 when he felt that the type6 was the fastest kite available from all the brands. He joined Cabal out of Hood River, the distributor of RRD at the time, as a rider and rep for the East Coast. In 2006, Cabal decided to concentrate more on its board business and RRD took back the distribution to Italy, leaving North America in a sort of void. This last month, Nick decided to take the pluge, and is now the North American distributor for RRD, starting out with their 2007 product line up.

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