The beautiful spot of Guincho, Portugal, is set to host – from the 4th ( registration) to the 10th of September, the Guincho Wave Masters World Cup, an event co-organized with partner Realizar.

Following the first stage in Essaouira, Morocco, the African Mecca, the Guincho Wave Masters World Cup “Europeen Mecca” is the second leg of this year KPWT wave riding circuit and sure to be one of the highlights of the 2006 Wave Masters World Cup season with forecasts around 30 knots and 3 metres waves already announced. Indeed, the previous edition of this discipline proved very successfull, so this is with great pleasure that the KPWT team will descend upon Portugal and the spot of Guincho, which, besides offering all the required wave riding conditions for a pro-level competition. The opportunity for the top pro kiteboarders to gain points and fight for the Wave Masters title. For more info check out www.kiteboardpro.com.