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  • Always Good

    Always Good

    It's always good. Especially when you're on vacation in the Caribbean ...

  • Turn Up

    Turn Up

    The Collegiate Kiteboarding Association's first-ever National Champion in training ...

  • Eyes


    Full of slow motion drops. Filmed in Tarifa, Spain, edited around the world ...

  • Home is Where the Surf Is

    Home is Where the Surf Is

    The 2013 Kite Surf Pro Women's World Champion takes to the waves in Hawaii ...

  • Red Bull King of the Air

    Red Bull King of the Air

    A 24-minute documentary available online for two weeks only ...

VIDEO: How a Kite is Made

Check out this video from the Ozone Factory in Vietnam and watch how a kiteboarding kite is made.

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VIDEO: The EPIC movie

Dimitri Maramenides working on his new kite company

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VIDEO: Watch Pro Surfer Danny Wills Learn to Kiteboard in Two Hours

During our last trip Ian Alldredge and Ben Wilson took Danny Wills for his first kite lesson, he was up & going in 2hours. It was a fun time & he was frothing, it's pretty cool how quickly it is to pick up when you come from a surfing background.

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VIDEO: The Dirty South: A Ben Wilson Movie

Here is the trailer for the sick new movie from Ben Wilson, The Dirty South.

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VIDEO: Freestyle Kite Buggy…Umm…Yea

Flysurfer Buggy teamrider Luke Southern is pushing himself to invent and create new Buggy Freestyle tricks, some weeks ago he came up with a new trick variation called: The Fork Spin.

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VIDEO: Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of North Kiteboarding. The Teaser of the latest DVD by North Kiteboarding

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VIDEO: One Minute in Brazil

Just one minute shot in a nice location down in Brazil, hope you enjoy. In the meanwhile I received my new RPM 2010 quiver and got the chance to fly them. I must say Amery and Youri , they did a great work.

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VIDEO: CKA San Diego – First SD kiteboarding Contest Ever!

CKA Collegiate Kiteboarding Association West Coast 2/13/2010. Thanks to Will Caldwell for organizing this sick event. We had a little less wind then expected but the crew got to do some surf heats ...

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VIDEO: South OZ Searching: Strapless Kitesurfing

Ryland Blakeney road trippin in south OZ, chasing a swell. Strapless kitesurfing. Scored some good conditions at a secret location.

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VIDEO: Felix Pivec in Capetown

Check out Felix Pivic killing it strapless in South Africa.

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VIDEO: 2010 La Ventana Classic and KiteXpo from Caution Kites

Check out this video from Caution Kites on the 2010 La Ventana Classic and KiteXpo and see what you missed. Put it on your calenders for next year!

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VIDEO: A Year in the Life of a Kiteboarder

This is a compilation of some of the favorite footage that we filmed over the recent kite year. Cameras used: RED One, HD GoPro, Panasonic pocket cams and DSLRs.

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VIDEO: Kiteloop POV

Check out this video from Tom at www.kiteitright.com to see what a huge kite loop looks like from the rider's perspective. Shot on a GoPro Camera.

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VIDEO: Sam Medysky: Brazil Wrap Up

Professional Kiteboarder and Canadian Sam Medysky shreds the flat waters of Brazil.

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Sick new LF video from James Boulding in OZ!

I've been really trying to work on my style, cutting out any dingo danglo tricks and pushing more powered and kite low tricks, that i'm going into with a lot more speed. Powering in at the take off just makes landings twice as rewarding and in my opionion give a much more fluid look and feel.

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