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The Kiteboarder JulyAug08 Issue Now Available!


Fresh off the press, the newest edition of The Kiteboarder Magazine is now available at your local shop, from your local instructor or via subscription!


LAUNCH: Exteme Vision from Extreme Elements


411/SMACK: Get the latest news on what’s going down in the kiteboarding world


ASK THE MD: Surfer’s eye and the advantages/disadvantages of polarized versus non-polarized shades


CLOSE UP: Caution’s newest grom, Blake Harrington and Ocean Rodeo’s  new reigning queen, Linn Svendsen


THE STORY OF EH: How a young Belgium boy made a name for himself in kiteboarding


MARTINIQUE: Exploring the Island of Flowers


ETIQUETTE: Why you need to be a responsible kiteboarder


ANALYZE THIS: Flexifoil Ion3, Slinghot T3, Caution Hustler, Fone Trax III, Litewave Wing and Ocean Rodeo Jeremie Tronet Pro products tested and reviewed. New this issue: Girl Talk! Gear perspective from a girl/lighter rider…..


DESIGNER’S CORNER: What changed, what improved and what’s news on Best Yarga08, Cabrinha Crossbow IDS 09, Criminal Composite, Freak Dog Tracker, Liquid Force, Naish 5’6″ Wave Board, Peter Lynn Synergy & Slingshot Lunacy 09


INSTRUCTIONAL: Breaking down the F-16 kiteloop


WORKBENCH: How do build your own board rack for less than $20

KITE PAGES: Directory of shops and schools all over North America


LOCAL HOMIES: Send us a photo of locals riding at your home spot and you could win a cool new t-shirt from Transcend Kiteboarding! Check out their designs and slogans here!


EXPOSED: Slices of the kiteboarding life from around the world

Get the newest edition at your local shop or school in North America or by subscription (available internationally) at www.thekiteboarder.com

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