Made of This

It's more than a story of salty skin and damaged hair

Half a Year

Half a year's kiting, filming, traveling and parties packed into four minutes


Kiting and crepes in north-west France

The Windy Way

A backcountry splitboard adventure in the French Alps

54.78 Knots

This is what a high-speed crash looks like with a kite. Crazy? You decide

VIDEO: Salt and Speed

Kiteboarders Alexandre Caizergues (France) and Rob Douglas (USA) attempt new speed sailing records in France.

VIDEO: Make My Day Episode 4 with Jeremie Eloy

Brittany is the western part of France. All the storms from the Atlantic come right to this wild stretches of rocky coves and exposed beaches. Brittany is full of Myths and legends, and here is one that came out of a storm.

VIDEO: 2011 Kitaddict Slider Party

Check out this video from the 2011 Kiteaddict Slider Party in France featuring the riding of Aaron Hadlow, Billy Parker, Alex Fox, Sean Reyngoudt, Matt Sexton, and others.