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Tkb Review: 2022 F-ONE Linx Bar

F-One’s Linx bar has gotten some substantial upgrades for 2022 starting with the changeover to a much more robust PU coated throw line that seamlessly hides the single safety depower system along with some other small tweaks that raise the proverbial bar.

The Linx bar is a dual length adjustable bar that comes in two sizes, either the 45/52cm length or the 38/45cm dual length bar. The Linx can be flown as a high-v or low-v, depending on the design required by the kite. The both the center lines end and outside lines end in loops; the flying lines do not have any built-in extensions. The Linx features a new above the bar cleat for tuning the kite’s power and the big change for this year is the bomber plastic-coated trim/throw line that steps up the bar’s durability and hides the routing of the safety depower system. There is no sliding stopper and you don’t get the option to adjust the length of the bar throw along the plastic, yet the female testers with short arms didn’t seem to have trouble accessing the depower. One of the nicer features of the new plastic-coated throw is the extra smooth action along the throw the bar with very little friction regardless of the angle of the bar during hard steering. The release and safety reset process is a two-handed procedure. When you slide the release handle away from you it locks into position; to reset, you place the loop back into the gate, then raise the release handle with one hand and use the thumb of your other hand to push the locking gate down while letting go of the release handle to slide it back into place. While it’s not automatic, with some practice it becomes intuitive, reliable, quick and easy.

This year’s bar keeps the super obvious color-coding with orange on the left and blue on the right. The Linx comes with an additional float above the center lines; this is to maintain positive buoyancy if you become disconnected from your bar. The bar ends feature integrated floats with retractable bar bungees and the outside lines can be adjusted for stretch. The bar ends have inserts accessed from the bottom that are used to adjust the effective length of the bar as well as tune the outside line lengths between five knots. The bar grip has a rubbery feel with a fine texture and the diameter is fairly narrow with an asymmetrical ridge on top. The grip feels firm underneath and a bit more cushy on the top where your fingers wrap around the bar. With the improvements to the tuning cleat along with the extra durability, frictionless movement of the bar and clean rigging you get from the plastic-coated throw line, this year’s Linx upgrades offer smoother operation and small details that move the ball forward for F-One.

For more info visit: www.f-one.world/product/linxbar-2022/


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