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Tkb Review: 2022 DUOTONE Click Bar

The Click Bar sticks with its winning combination of features from last year with the upgraded Flight99 line sets that feature smaller diameter, stronger breaking force and less stretch that translate to crisp communication of control inputs directly into the kite’s airframe. Available in two sizes, either the smaller fixed-length 42cm wide bar with 22m (20m+2m extension) lines or the original 49cm length with 24m (22m+2m extension) lines, the Click Bar features a single centerline safety depower system and an adjustable attachment point that allows you to swap the height of the center lines’ V (it’s worth noting that you don’t have to re-thread the entire length of a line through a ring to accomplish the change).

The outside lines end in knots and the center lines end in loops. The Click Bar features a molded plastic throw line that untwists itself after you spin, a sliding stopper to adjust the length of throw and Duotone’s proven push away quick release. The quick release, when opened horizontally, locks into an open position, holding the gate open. Reassembly is easy: one hand inserts the loop back into position and with the thumb, pushes on the catch button, while the other hand raises the quick release handle so the catch can move back into its closed position and the handle slides back into the locked position.

The Click Bar can be purchased with one of the four chicken/connection loop options that are tailored to your specific style of riding. Most freeride-oriented kiters might choose the Freeride connection loop which is the smallest option and keeps the bar close to your body. The historically normal-sized loop is now called the ”˜Freestyle Kit,’ which is sized in the middle for both hooked and unhooked riding. For riders that unhook all day long, there is a large ”˜Wakestyle’ loop, and for those who only ride with a surf slider rope, there is the ”˜Rope Harness Kit,’ which is a small loop with an integrated metal slider to reduce friction and keep the bar close to the rider. Swapping the loops out is easy; you just need a fin key to remove a ¾ inch set screw to change out the desired loop.

The Click Bar settles the debate between above or below the bar tuning by placing it exactly at your fingertips, on the right side of the bar end. The twisting motion for powering up takes a little bit of focus while riding at first and the button for depower is easily accessed at all times by pushing the knob in on the side of the bar for a clear and audible click. While it’s a big shift from the typical control systems we have come to know, building the power controls into the bar tends to convert testers easily.

The ratchet knob built into the bar end is easy to grab a hold of and rotate once you have some familiarity with it and works while kiting with easy tuning on the fly. As you rotate the selector on the bar end it shortens the outside lines and powers up the kite. The Click Bar also integrates two visual indicators that reveal what power position the bar is set to; one is located on the bar itself, moving left to right, and the second is a small red indicator on the leader line for the right outside line. You don’t realize how important it can be to visually assess the status of your tuning by looking at a trim strap’s position until it is gone, so these indicators are actually a very nice feature. Compared to other systems, the mechanics of Duotone’s Click Bar is entirely closed, which means you won’t be washing it out or worrying about sand causing wear.

The Click Bar features retractable bar bungees, soft bar ends with integrated floats and a fairly dense EVA grip that feels asymmetrical in your palm with subtle raised bumps between your fingers and a very comfortable stamp pattern running the entire length of the bar. This year the colorway is a bit more subdued with overall gray and white tones mixed with red highlights to ensure visual awareness for polarity.

Since we have been testing the Click Bar for a number of years now, the Click Bar has become a very popular bar for Duotone users and has proven itself to be reliable and hassle free technology. The Click Bar does an amazing job of simplifying your rigging and bring on-the-fly tuning to your fingertips while keeping the weight and the form-factors of the bar similar to a conventional bar. Combining durability and extreme functionality with a comfortable grip, the Click Bar has quickly become one of the tester’s favorites.

Visit for more info: www.duotonesports.com/kiteboarding/bars/click-bar/


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