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The six winners of the Red Bull Megaloop Porsche Qualifier Series have been announced. Out of 18 qualitative video entries, these six riders have been selected by the Red Bull Megaloop Sports Committee and they will be added to the final riders list for the 2022 edition.

 The winners of Red Bull Megaloop Porsche Qualifier Series are:

  • Lorenzo Casati Italy
  • Cohan van Dijk Netherlands
  • Jason van der Spuy South Africa
  • Andrea Principi Italy
  • Jamie Overbeek Netherlands
  • Luca Ceruti South Africa

Red Bull Megaloop judges stated: “This year we’ve seen an incredibly high level of riding. The group of riders specializing in extreme big air kiteboarding continues to grow and push each other. Judging based on video submissions is always challenging as riders are filming at different locations and in a variety of conditions. Nonetheless the following 6 names really stood out and will be given an entry to the 2022 Red Bull Megaloop event in the Netherlands.”

All these six riders will make their debut to Red Bull Megaloop. Ruben Lenten, member of the sports committee, mentioned: “Each year the bar gets raised in terms of height, risk, control, tricks and style. It’s epic to follow and see the evolution of the sport.”

The videos were judged individually by each judge from the Red Bull Sports Committee. From that ranking a group judging session was initiated to make a final ranking which was agreed upon unanimously. The committee judged on extremity, execution and flow also we took the following in consideration: Conditions, gear, lines, height, distance, risk, tricks, control, and style. All submitted videos can be found here.

“The Red Bull Megaloop has always been about seeing who performs the most extreme megaloop, said Ruben Lenten, “That’s why we wait for the ultimate storm to hit the Dutch shores so that the top 16 riders can break boundaries. During this event it is not about how many tricks you can do, it’s about nailing your most insane megaloop, which is often a megaloop variation or combo.”

The Red Bull Megaloop will take place at the Spot, Zandvoort Beach, the Netherlands when the right storm hits the Dutch coast. With winds above 35 knots, these kiteboarders will show their biggest and best megaloops. From coming Friday April 1st November 1st we’re all on standby, to wait for mother nature to give us the perfect conditions.

The full list of 16 riders for Red Bull Megaloop 2022 is:

  • Ross-Dillon Player (RSA)
  • Oswald Smith (RSA)
  • Lasse Walker (NL)
  • Marc Jacobs (NZ)
  • Kevin Langeree (NL)
  • Stig Hoefnagel (NL)
  • Liam Whaley (SPA)
  • Joshua Emanuel (RSA)
  • Janek Grzegorzweski (POL)
  • Giel Vlugt (NL)
  • Lorenzo Casati (ITA)
  • Cohan van Dijk (NL)
  • Jason van der Spuy (RSA)
  • Andrea Principi (ITA)
  • Jamie Overbeek (NL)
  • Luca Ceruti (RSA)