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Tkb Review: 2022 ELEVEIGHT CS Vary Bar Plus

This year Eleveight offers two bars. We tested the CS Vary Plus bar with the primary difference being Eleveight’s updated Quick-Matic II ”˜click-in’ style quick release that makes reassembling the quick release on the water a bit smoother than the previous click-in that is still available on the regular CS Vary bar. This year the CS Vary bars received new colors, new extra strength pigtails and a more durable PU covered throw line down the center that features an updated core and less friction on the bar. The floats were also redesigned to add some extra grip for those moments when you need to go beyond the bar and grab some extra tension on your outside lines.

The CS Vary Plus is an adjustable length bar (comes in two sizes 42/50cm or 47/55cm) that features a single centerline safety depower system with a low V and a new more durable plastic-coated throw line with an external safety line. The power tuning is via a Clam cleat that features a lightweight toggle that uses a bungee integrated into the tuning line to keep the toggle from getting tangled. The bar’s center lines end in knots (color-coded gray) while the outside lines end in loops (color-coded red and blue pigtails) and there are no line extensions.

The new safety system features a push-away quick release with a built-in hand swivel that also acts as a QR travel shield. The new quick-release handle has a good lip on it that gives your hand a solid point to grasp in an emergency and the clicking mechanism is super crisp. Reinserting the chicken loop is quite easy; it takes very little pressure to slide the open end of the loop back into place. The outside lines are tunable by pressing on two little triangle tabs on the side of the bar end. This releases a clear plastic insert out of the bottom of the bar end which allows you to both change its effective bar length and adjust between three knots to change the length of the outside lines (stock set to shortest line length). The bar ends feature retractable line bungees with padded bar ends and integrated floats.

The color-coding on this bar is sufficiently obvious with red highlights in the grip, a solid red leader line on the left and the same in blue on the right. The center insert is plastic and looks to be easily replaced after wear with the removal of two small Philipps head screws. The little dimpled EVA grip is comfortable and because the width is on the narrow to medium size out on the sides and a little bit thicker as you get closer in, your hands will find their sweet spot somewhere on that spectrum. While the CS Vary Plus has all the features that make it a top of the line bar, Eleveight has done a great job of keeping the package nice and light weight which is ideal both on and off the water. With tons of features, great ergonomics and soft comfortable surfaces the Eleveight bar hits all the right points for scoring super high marks with our testers.

Visit for more info: www.eleveightkites.com/bars/cs-plus-vary-bar-v4


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