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Tkb Review: 2022 SLINGSHOT Sentry Bar

Some may be sad to see the end of the Compstick era, but Slingshot has taken a step forward with the release of the Sentry V1 chassis which offers some upgrades to comfort, durability and most importantly, function. Slingshot’s new Sentry bar sheds some weight and delivers a click-in style quick release along with a host of other features that distinguish the old from the new.

The Sentry is a fixed-length bar that comes in three widths with coinciding line lengths: 17in/43cm with 20m lines, 20in/51cm with 23m (20m+3m) lines and a 23in/58cm with 27m lines. The outside lines terminate in a lark’s head loop and the inside lines end with three knots for kite tuning, with all the lines feeling fairly thin for a good balance between strength and aerodynamics.

One of the biggest upgrades to this bar is the new quick release that features the click-in/seatbelt style reset where the loop slips into the gate for an easy reset of the safety system. The reset is an easy target and the click is clean and reliable every time. Above the quick release is a hand swivel that doubles as a quick-release guard and the bar uses two PU-covered throw lines that untwist the center lines after rotations while the single centerline safety system is cleanly routed up one of those PU throw lines for a simple and unobtrusive setup that you don’t know is there, at least until you need it. The ceramic ball bearings in the quick release provide a superbly smooth rotating action, but its good to know that the auto-untwist feature works best when you start with straight lines by separating and untwisting your center lines at the outset of your session.

The power tuning system uses a clam cleat and the adjustment toggle features Velcro to keep it in place during riding. The color-coding on the bar is subdued with red dots on the left and white dots on the right side of the grip with solid colors on the leader lines, and for good measure, a Slingshot logo is found on the insert when you are holding the bar in the correct orientation. With semi-padded bar ends and good-sized floats, the bar features hiding retractable bungees for a secure wrap-up and ample winding space to keep the lines secured to the bar during non-use. The bar grip features a stamped rubbery feel which is a bit softer than the Compstick, and a very simple shape with no asymmetrical bumps or contours, just a medium diameter round grip that is comfortable and grippy. Overall, the Sentry bar is much lighter than the previous Compstick and offers a huge upgrade in its quick release with rigging that is feature-rich yet simple, clean and a bit more comfortable on your hands.

Visit for more info: https://slingshotsports.com/products/sentry-v1


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