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Tkb Review: 2022 AIRUSH Ride Bar

Design and Features
The Ride is a fixed length bar that you can buy in either a 50 or 60cm length and comes with 24m lines (9+14m lines and 1m leaders) with the center lines ending in knots and the outside lines ending in lark’s head loops. The safety system is a single center-line depower that travels through a low-v split and along with the throw line to the quick release. The throw line is spectra with an adjustable length throw. The quick release features a push-away quick release with a larger hand swivel on top that also acts as a quick-release travel guard. The hand swivel features a larger diameter for better leverage when untwisting the front lines and has a smooth swivel action. The newly designed push-away quick release features a new cocking mechanism that leaves the quick release handle cocked open upon release. The reset is straightforward; just insert the open end of the loop back into the release and the QR handle springs shut. The power tuning happens via a Clam cleat with a plastic toggle for easy adjustment. There’s a stamped logo on the insert that tells you when you are holding the bar the right

The Ride bar feels incredibly clean with the bar action being extra smooth over the spectra throw lines. While there’s lots of great details, the two functional items that standout is the adjustable length throw that allows riders of different sizes to custom tune the bar travel to your arm’s length and the other is the IQR system that gives you a click-in reset that is super easy to use on the water. The bar grip is a soft EVA that has a round diameter without any groves, notches bumps or aggressive features. Testers liked the soft, comfortable grip calling it the best of the test. The bar ends are padded but not bulky, which is nice in case the bar comes in contact with your face or your board. The leader lines have adjustment inside the floats that allow you to tune your outside lines or compensate for stretch. The bar end bungees are not retractable but do fasten into a slot when not in use and the winding spot has a nice inset into the bar that keeps the lines in place for a proper wrap job when not in use. The center insert is built out of stainless steel for longevity and has a large hole that allows the throw line to run through without any friction.

With an eye on a super clean layout, a click-in quick release and adjustable length throw the ride bar acknowledges with its fixed length that most kiters don’t adjust the length of their bar. If you prefer simplicity and light weight, you will find the Ride bar includes key features while keeping the bar stylishly clean and comfortable.

Visit for more info: www.airush.com/bars/ride-bar/


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