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Having been founded in the roots of necessity, WMFG is an accessory brand that fills important product niches with kiteboarding-specific solutions that just aren’t found anywhere else on the market. With back-saving pump designs and custom board traction offerings, WMFG has its finger on the pulse of kiteboarding accessories. Nick Piacenza fills us in on the most recent updates to the WMFG lineup. 

What is new at the organizational level of your company for 2022?

WMFG is continuing to lead the industry in pump and traction accessories. The new 1.0P pump has already been very well received and we are looking forward to a great 2022 season.

This year WMFG is releasing the 1.0P which is a new pump for the lineup. What are the key features behind the double barrel design and what watersports is this pump aimed at? 

The WMFG 1.0P pump is our professional series pump. It delivers huge amounts of volume and features a three-stage system allowing you to change between double barrel two stage, double barrel single stage or single barrel single stage pumping. This allows the 1.0P to deliver high volume or pressures up to 30psi at the twist of the switch. The 1.0p is aimed at experienced riders who cross multiple disciplines including kite, winging and inflatable SUPs where higher pressures are required.How do you steer customers between the 4.0R, 4.0T and 1.0P and what are the key benefits of each pump?

Choosing the right pump is pretty straight forward but there are a few things to consider. The 4.0R is the most compact pump in the lineup; when portability is key, this is the right pump for you. The 4.0R will easily fit into most bags and even luggage making it a great choice while traveling. The 4.0T is a good balance of portability and volume. The taller barrel design of the pump still fits on or in most kite bags, gives you more volume/stroke and brings the pump height up to a more comfortable level for most people. The 1.0P has become the go-to pump for our home spots. While not as compact as the 4.0R or 4.0T, the 1.0P delivers a massive amount of air per stroke and has a three stage system that allows for pressures up to 30psi.

WMFG has been a leader in aftermarket traction pads that give riders extra coverage and grip. How do you explain the difference between the different pad types and what should riders know when purchasing traction for their surfboards? 

We have quite a few different options for traction pads. The Six Pack is by far the most popular choice giving you the flexibility to arrange six individual pads on your board for the best possible coverage. You can assemble all of the pieces together for a smooth and seamless deck, or space them out to make room for inserts or more complete board coverage. The six pack is available in either the Classic design, intended for more traditionally shaped surf boards, or the Stubby which provides better coverage for more parallel board shapes with stubby tails. Both versions of the six pack are available in either the traditional diamond traction pattern or the grooved pattern. The diamond pattern is a bit thicker giving you a little more cushion on the board, while the thinner profile of the grooved pads sit flatter on the deck while still providing insane amounts of grip. 

Learn more at www.wmfg.co

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