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Hello Sunshine – Eleveight Introduces the FS V5

Eleveight would like to introduce their last product release this year the FS V5 with this excellent edit by Zoum Prod with Arthur Guillebert and Raiarii Fadier. 

The FS’ explosive high-performance characteristics will allow you to boost higher, loop harder, and pop more aggressively than ever before. This radical freestyle and big air flagship is tailored to the needs of professional riders while ensuring that the performance is accessible to those climbing the ranks. The Open-C design has all the traits of a genuine C-kite with direct control, explosive lift, and a wide angle-of-attack that comes into play when looping the kite or popping out of the water. It is the most progressive kite design a rider can choose for advanced action while still incredibly stable. With great upwind performance, the FS covers a huge wind range and V5 has a more projected area for even greater efficiency.

“The FS is made for radical maneuvers. It combines leading materials with a cutting edge design to deliver explosive power when going for the next boost.” — Arthur Guillebert

Learn more about Eleveight’s FS V5 HERE.