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What would kiting be without a healthy ocean? Clean water, functioning marine habitat and stable wind are the cornerstones of our sport. The sea belongs to everyone and it is our calling as watersports enthusiasts to take the extra steps to protect it. More than just a playground for our sport, our living body of waters allow us to breathe thanks to the essential work of regulating the climate and providing 50% of the oxygen necessary for the survival of the entire ecosystem. This consideration was the starting point from which the team at Sardinia Grand Slam decided to do their part.

This is how “Give SEA a chance” was born, an event that aims to emphasize the emergency surrounding pollution of our seas and in particular, the damage caused by plastics, which are destroying the marine ecosystems, killing animals and poisoning our waters.

The aim of this event is to help to spread the adoption of criteria of sustainability and a culture of awareness towards the importance of respecting, defending and loving the sea.

“Give SEA a Chance” will run simultaneously during the Sardinia Grand Slam kite racing event at the Village of Sardinia Grand Slam and offer 5 days of action to celebrate, support and protect the sea.

The Village of the Sardinia Grand Slam will be set up at the 6th stop of Poetto Beach and will be open every day from the 6th-10th of October, 2021 from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Each day features new and exciting projects including a beach cleanup, creative recycling and educational workshops as well as daily social inclusion initiatives.

For more info visit: http://www.sardiniagrandslam.com/en/give-sea-a-chance-english/


Give SEA a Chance Partners

Thanks to all the partners who have chosen to participate in and be part of #SGS2021 and who look forward to celebrating, protecting and sustaining the sea together.

MEDSEA / Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation: Fondazione MEDSEA supports Plastic Hunt 2021, the international clean-up held in the summer of 2021 and coordinated by athletic champion and tireless ambassador, Sofia Bonicalza! Now in its second year, Plastic Hunt was established in 2020 from the need to organise sea and beach clean-ups, even from a distance, and now boasts as many as 65 teams from 38 countries!

WWF Italia: The well-being of every living being is inextricably linked to that of all the other animal and plant species with which we share this extraordinary planet. This is the noble mission of the WWF, which for more than 60 years has been fighting to protect the environment from the dangers, profits and interests that are placing it at risk.

CRAMA Asinara: With 300 projects and 3000 km of coastlines monitored every day, the Marine Animal Rescue Centre of Asinara (CRAMA) works daily to rescue, care for and monitor sea turtles and cetaceans, conducting scientific research and environmental education and awareness activities in schools of every level.

Parco Nazionale dell’Asinara – Area Marina Protetta: Nominated to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2019, the National Park of Asinara is a jewel of extraordinary beauty inspiring absolute contemplation and appreciation. Its singular, troubled history has allowed it to preserve its Mediterranean essence. Prepare to be blown away by nature at its wildest. Asinara evokes all this and more. Having been declared a National Park in 1997, its naturalistic treasures span 50 km square (and a 110 km coastline) in the Municipality of Porto Torres.

Legambiente Cagliari: For over 20 years, Legambiente has been monitoring the health of the environment across Italy, and specifically in Cagliari, raising the awareness of people, companies, institutions and policy makers and making them part of the change. In addition to environmental protection, Legambiente also looks after young citizens, contributing to their education and the development of a critical consciousness as the only means of taking up the challenge of a cleaner, more equitable future. Projects include educational, hands-on projects for kids, opportunities for school professionals, and much more besides.