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The frontroll 360 shuvit combines the last two tricks Evan covered in his video series into one move. The challenge in this trick is the amount of variables. You will need to have your frontroll perfectly controlled with the board stuck firmly to your feet to have the control to push it into the shuvit at just the right time as you’re spotting your landing. With more height and speed the shuvit becomes more difficult as well. Evan’s main tip is to not fully complete the frontroll before starting the shuvit. “I tend to stop my rotation between 45- 90 degrees shy of completion, then do the shuvit. When I do the shuvit too late I tend to crash and fall forward off the toeside edge of the board as a land. This is because I am not keeping the board infront of my body using the wind as much under the deck, doing it too late.” It’s a tough trick, and unlike many tricks that you master and can do 9+ out of 10 times the increasing variables in this one has made it hard for Evan to lock this one down with complete consistency even after years of success with them. Good luck!