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Fall 2021 // Vol. 18, No. 3

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On the cover: Just another day in kiteboarding paradise; Tim Walsh edges out an early morning megaloop session at the Hood River Event Site. With a clear runway, Tim tests the big air potential of his Pivot. // Photo Richard Hallman.

Loaded into 120 pages of long-form storytelling, Vol. 18, No. 3 of The Kiteboarder Magazine tails some of the most adventurous kiteboarding characters in the pursuit of wind, waves and big air. Kicking off the front stretch of this issue, Gabi Steindl sends its deep into the Abrolhos frontier in search of uncharted kite sessions 40 miles off the Australian coast. Paula Rosales and Susi Mai spin out an environmental-themed comic that blends kiteboarding heroes and ocean conservation messages to audiences both young and old. Clinton Filen talks about Airush’s culture of innovation and F-One celebrates 15 years of the Bandit kite in the most obvious place to do so. Gwen Le Tutour shares his road notes on Cabrinha’s great American demo tour and Carved opens up the hood on the R&D path towards the next generation Imperator twin tip.

Profiles include ski town lifestyler turned Maui fixer, Greg Mebel, and Flysurfer’s Marie-Eve Mayrand. Fred Hope explains how to breach your wing tip, we learn about the brave new world of adjustable twin tip rocker and reminisce about Robby Naish’s longest wave.

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Welcome to Vol. 18, No. 3 — Take a Peek Inside

Forty miles off the Australian west coast sits a small group of coral-lined islands known for their surly fishermen and magnetic affinity for catastrophic it deep into the Abrolhos frontier, skirting calamity and scoring uncharted kite sessions.

Paula Rosales and Susi Mai zero in on ocean conservancy with a kiteboarding-themed comic strip to steward an ocean-minded future. Between the anime frames, kiteboarding heroes leverage their superpowers to save the oceans and spark environmental awareness.

Delving into the mind of Airush’s Brand Manager, Clinton Filen, we examine the heady themes of continuous innovation, disruptive evolution and Airush’s long game focus on establishing industry benchmarks.

Celebrating 15 years of the Bandit kite, the F-One team heads into the sizzling heat of Mexico’s summer. Amidst Baja Sur’s lesser known outposts, the team pits dueling freestyle and wave Bandit models against one another in the land of contrast and cactus.

Gwen Le Tutour jumps behind the wheel of a giant motorhome, kicking off Cabrinha’s coast to coast kiteboarding tour. From daring ocean activist to documentary filmmaker, Gwen is the exact jack of all trades and freakish machine of efficiency needed to pull off a nationwide sweep.

The Carved development team embarks on a multi-year mission to improve their no holds barred premium carbon kiteboard. One step sideways and three steps forward, the seventh iteration of the Imperator pulls out all the stops.

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