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Eleveight’s new Wing Foil Range echoes their excitement for this new sport and takes beginners through experts to the next level of wing foiling. Now with a dedicated wing, foil and board, Eleveight has all the gear to get you up and wing foiling. 


Exceptional aerodynamics and performance for all riding styles, with easy handling that will give you maximum water time in any condition.


  • One strut performance freeride wing
  • Suitable for all riding levels and disciplines
  • Rigid frame geometry for direct handling and direct power
  • Lightweight with very neutral drift and easy depower
  • CS Wing Bar for intuitive hand positioning and easy handling

Sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6m


Compact and dedicated to wing foiling, the Evolve board maximizes your session with an easy take-off then balance and stability once riding.


  • Dedicated board range for wing foilers
  • Compact shape for enhanced stability and volume distribution
  • Light carbon CVC construction optimized for wing foiling
  • 2 x 4 track mount system for adjustable foil positioning
  • Durable block inserts for multiple foot strap options

Sizes: 4’10” (56L), 5’0″ (72L), 5’2″ (90L), 5’8″ (125L)


The go-to hydrofoil for kite foilers or experienced wing foilers looking for maneuverability and a fun crossover freeride feel.


  • Highly versatile crossover freeride foil
  • Carbon front and back wings for outstanding performance
  • Early lift, easy glide and incredible stability
  • 90 cm mast for the maximum carving ability
  • Quick-Connect-Technology and includes a travel bag

Sizes: 950, 1200, 1400, 1650, 1950

Learn more about Eleveight’s Wing Range HERE.