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Packing and carrying your everyday items should be simple and hassle-free. Ride Engine designed the Helium Series bags with a minimalist perspective that focused on eliminating the bulky material of traditional day bags in exchange for a lightweight yet durable alternative. The result is RE-Gen: a self-healing nylon ripstop that allows small punctures and cuts to incredibly regenerate with the simple motion of rubbing it between your fingers.

Ananda Backpack

A utilitarian backpack for your everyday needs. The ultra-lightweight Ananda Daypack features our RE-Gen self-healing material in a 24-liter size that’ll accommodate everything you’ll need for a day hike or an afternoon on campus. Two side pouches hold hydration bottles or quick-access necessities like wallets, keys or phones.

Shaman Duffle Bag

The Shaman Duffle was designed to be a versatile companion, serving capably as a gym workout kit bag, a bring-it-all travel haul bag, and everything in between. This minimalistic 30-liter duffle””built with our RE-Gen self-healing material””easily stows away into its own zip pouch, making it a no-brainer to throw into your car trunk or checked luggage for deployment at your final destination, no matter if that’s Mauritius or the neighborhood laundromat.

Zion Hip Pack

An easy, simple solution to keep all your mini essentials at-hand. This ultra-lightweight, zippered hip pack””made with our RE-Gen self-healing material””is the perfect size to keep your phone, wallet, keys, earbuds, sunglasses or charging cords all organized and in reach. The adjustable waist belt can also be lengthened to convert the Zion into a bandolier-style sling pouch. Need to be nimble at your final destination? No worries: the Zion Hip Pack stows into its own pocket to be easily stashed into your luggage and at-the-ready when needed.

Learn more about Ride Engine’s Helium Series bags HERE.