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Wings have come with harness lines, or at least harness line attachment points, since wingsurfing really hit the scene about 2.5 years ago. If you winged with a harness, you mostly likely used one designed for kitesurfing, since up until now, no one has built a windsurf-specific purpose built harness.

Introducing Ride Engine’s Vinaka V1 Wing Harness

The world’s first purpose-built harness for wingsurfing, the Vinaka, will have you riding longer and pinching upwind more efficiently by taking the wing’s weight off your arms whenever you want. The question is not IF you will use a harness for wingsurfing, it is more like WHEN. The Vinaka’s ultra-minimal design of ripstop nylon and thin closed-cell foam weighs-in at a mere 450 grams, so you can still fully enjoy the free feeling of wingsurfing. With a shadow-like fit and sliding hook, the Vinaka virtually disappears when swimming, paddling, or riding toeside (situations where a traditional kite or windsurf harness can be a massive hassle/pain/annoyance). If want to extend your wingsurfing sessions, the Vinaka will help you stay out on the water when everyone else that’s winging has to head in because their arms are smoked.

Learn more about Ride Engine’s Vinaka HERE.

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