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Sizes Available: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 17m
Sizes Tested: 7m

Airush Says:

When it comes to finding the ultimate combination in lightweight performance design for foil, freeride, and surf, look no further than the Ultra. The unique blend of stability, low-end power, and responsive drive allows the kite to fly further forward in the window. Pairing lightweight Single Strut Geometry with a higher tension canopy makes this the most responsive version yet.

The ultimate lightweight design for foil, freeride and surf, the Ultra uses a unique combination of stability and responsive drive to deliver remarkably high-performance with lightweight Single Strut Geometry.

Visit for more info: www.airush.com/product/kites/ultra-v4/

TKB Says:

Single struts have come a long way and one of the platforms leading that charge has been the Airush Ultra which is now launching its 4th iteration of their high performing minimal airframe kite. What was once conceived as a light wind weapon against threshold conditions, the single strut is now becoming more versatile and a proven formula across not only high wind kite foiling but general freeride and surf.

Inflation Valve: Boston valve / attachment required
Flying Line Attachments: Center bridle: Lark shead / Wingtip bridle: Knots
Centerline Split: Low-V
Front Bridle Options: Single setting / three pulleys

Design and Features
The Ultra is Airush’s high performance single strut kite that sports a low to medium aspect canopy which features a slightly higher aspect ratio than Airush’s entry-level One kite, also a single strut. The Ultra uses Airush’s load frame technology which delivers extra canopy strength and rigidity, while the airframe saves weight by dispensing with extra struts. The leading edge bridle is a single setting bridle that is plug and play, using three pulleys to offer smooth and expansive changes in the canopy’s sheeting angle. The front bridle ends in a larks head and the wingtip attachment points end in three knots that allow you to tune your outside lines for power. The wingtip has two attachment points with the stock position being the forward attachment which offers more bar pressure. The wingtip uses very little Dacron and the trailing edge uses double ripstop with triangular panels to control leach tension and stability. The inflation happens via a Boston valve which requires the common Boston attachment that comes standard with most pumps.

The Ultra has long been a top single-strut performer in our freeride test with its super low-weight canopy that has a high-performance feel that shines in both kite foiling and general freeride. This year it was interesting to compare the Ultra to the One platform because although they are similar in general design features, they are very much different kites. The key visual difference is the Ultra’s technical load frame panels which contrast against the One’s simple panel layouts. The Ultra with its slightly higher aspect frame feels a little a bit punchy with its power delivery, while the One sits deeper in the window and offers a more constant low-end pull. The Ultra likes to fly forward and you can feel the airframe accelerate with extra lift in the gusts. When you sheet out, the Ultra offers a ton of depower at the end of the bar throw, which is one of the reasons it’s gained so much popularity as a foiling kite. The bar pressure falls on the lighter side of medium, with a bit more casual feel than the One. While the power delivery feels progressive and intuitive, it’s more sensitive to tuning compared to the One, which will generate power no matter how over-sheeted the bar happens to be. The Ultra is incredibly user-friendly and comfortable, but its target audience is not-off-the bus beginners with no kite tuning feel or experience.

The Ultra’s steering feels really direct with bar inputs with its steering initiation feeling a little more precise and tighter than the previous model. The power generation we saw in the smaller sizes is middle of the road, but since the kite feels fast and flickable, if you’re an active kite flier it’s easy to put the kite exactly where you need it and generate power on demand. One of the features that really stands out on the Ultra is its ability to initiate turns when the bar is completely depowered. This feature is super important for foil kiting when you want to change the kite’s position without generating unwanted power. During transitions and other maneuvers, the Ultra does a great job of flying forward to help you complete your tacks, but its lightweight airframe also delivers drift that lets you drive towards the kite and slack lines without your kite falling out of the window.

The Ultra excels in maintaining its canopy rigidity and leach stability while feeling fast and efficient in lower winds. The power control really shines for foiling and surfing, but when you combine its quick handling and low wind maneuverability, it’s also a great crossover kite that handles casual twin tip freeriding with impeccable controls and supped up performance. The versatility of single struts is on the rise and the Ultra is leading the charge.

Featured Control Bar

The Airush Cleat bar is a dual-length adjustable bar (50/60cm) that received a huge upgrade last season with its redesigned Intelligent Quick Release (IQR). The Cleat bar features 23m lines (front: 9 + 10 + 4m and back 19 +4m) and an above-the-bar clam cleat with a spectra tuning strap that has Velcro so that it locks into place. The sheeting/power line features double plastic-coated lines that have a sliding speed control stopper to adjust the length of throw for those with shorter arms or to set the bar on longer tacks. The safety is a single centerline that runs down one of the PU lines and through the quick release for a clean and tidy system, with a low V split in the center lines. The quick release features a push-away quick release with a larger hand swivel on top that also acts as a quick-release travel guard. The hand swivel features a larger diameter for better leverage when untwisting the front lines and has a smooth swivel action. The newly designed push-away quick release features a new cocking mechanism that leaves the quick release handle cocked open upon release. The reset is fairly straightforward; just insert the open end of the loop back into the release and then shift the QR handle so that it springs shut. The internal stainless heart of the quick release is a bit larger to allow for the safety line to travel through the release with less friction. Airush is one of the few companies to offer four different harness loops to fit your style of riding: wakestyle (XL), freestyle (L) freeride (S), and/or a surf metal loop (S). You can swap through the loops with the use of a surf Allen key. The Cleat bar features integrated floats and adjustable bar ends that allow you to swap between 50 and 60cm effective bar lengths. The center insert is aluminum and features a printed logo that is visible when you are holding the bar correctly. The color coding uses a visually clear light blue on the left float and bar end which will help those that are familiar with the bar. The bar ends are densely padded for safety and feature a bungee for keeping the lines stowed when not in use. The grip features a dense EVA texture with horizontal bars under the grip and a ribbed pattern on top with a rubbery diamond pattern near the center of the bar with a grip diameter that borders on small to medium. The Cleat Bar gets you a high quality bar with tons of features and great durability that will appeal to riders of all skill levels.

Visit for more info on the bar: www.airush.com/product/control-bars/cleat-bar-v4/



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