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On the cover, Hendrick Lopes charges one of the rarer waves on the island of Sal. On a multi-sport tear, Hendrick is carrying the torch for Cabo Verdeans. Read his profile on PG 52. // Photo Alex Do Rosario

Between the flaps of Tkb Vol. 18, No. 1, Brandon Scheid tags along on an all girls snowkiting weekend and is generously gifted with the dump of the decade, Duotone’s Aaron Hadlow and Ralf Grösel escape a Cape Town lockdown and take the long way to Luderitz in search of consistent conditions for some essential R&D testing and we get the inside details on Naish’s father son duo Des and Tim Walsh. We catch up with Core’s Foil Designer Jan Termöhlen who unveils all the intricacies of Core’s new SLC platform,  Cabrinha’s Marketing Manager James Boulding pens an essay on his fondness for the photoshoot and we follow Chris Bobryk as he flees Miami’s crowded beaches and takes us a mile out to the shallow sandbars of Stiltsville.

Profiles include Hatteras Bowls’ Gage Fichter and Cabo Verdean up and comer Hendrick Lopes. Marie-Eve Mayrand fills us in on how to ascend uphill, Ewan Jaspan explains a new era of bar innovation and we follow Eleveight’s Peter Stiewe on his path of design.

Get your hands on 120 pages of unmatched kitesurf storytelling and page-popping visual stimuli that requires no batteries or wifi to enjoy.  

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The best trips are often those that are unplanned. Brandon Scheid tags along on a girl’s weekend and scores the snowkiting dump of the decade.

With the pandemic wreaking havoc on South African beach access, Duotone’s Aaron Hadlow and Ralf Grösel abandon their product testing plans in Cape Town and escape to the least populated country in Africa.

Since Tim Walsh’s earliest days, his dad Des has been grooming him for a satisfying life of windsports. Having followed in his father’s footsteps into kiteboarding, Tim is a careful study of powered freestyle and his father’s product testing work.

From composite bike parts to homemade kiteboards, Jan Termöhlen’s engineering work catches the eye of Core Kiteboarding and leads him on the quest to build the ultimate foil platform for some of the most technical and meticulous customers around.

Photographer and Marketing Manager James Boulding descends on Fuerteventura with the European Cabrinha team to capture the 01 collection in the hands of Cabrinha’s key athletes.

With a nod to prohibition era history, Chris Bobryk escapes the onerous restrictions of Miami’s kiteboarding beaches and finds refuge in a shallow sandbar a mile offshore.

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