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Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL
Sizes Tested: M

Ion Says:

ION’s new Sonar harness is a further development of the Radar. It is especially tailored to the needs of racing and foiling. Characteristically, it features a low profile which generates a low center of load transmission. The integrated Curv plate improves force distribution. The revised ergonomic leg straps, inspired by the technology of climbing harnesses, have been developed to enable fantastic freedom of movement and to eliminate any pressure points. The Sonar comes with ION’s C_Bar 2.0 which already includes the stainless steel kite hook.

Visit for more info: www.ion-products.com/water/kiteboarding/harnesses/kite-seat-harnesses/sonar/

TKB Says:

The Sonar is new for this year and adds another dimension to Ion’s already deep lineup of seat harnesses. The Sonar integrates a composite frame into its back which helps to distribute the upper load of the harness while the lower cut also attempts to keep that waistline lower where the center of pull is lower on your body. The Sonar comes with a PVC coated rope handle with slip buckles on either side if you choose to remove it,  a spreader bar and a stainless steel kite hook connection point. There’s extra webbing that works to cinch down the harness, preventing it from rotating upward. The noticeably lower cut on the waist works with the thigh straps that feel pulled in closer to the seat. You can feel the lower back support from the composite structure which works to distribute the tension points along the upper rim of the harness where it integrates with your waist. The thigh straps are covered with neoprene and are fairly wide with tons of padding so you don’t have any uncomfortable pinching around your legs.

There seems to be two ways to ride this harness. First is to ride haunched over like a racer; this puts a ton of your force into the butt of the harness. You can also lean back with a straighter posture and lean your lower back into the composite waistline. The Sonar does a great job of keeping your point of effort really low and giving your upper body a ton of freedom of movement. You get ample adjustment in the thigh straps, waist and spreader bar that allows you to get the customized fit you want. We didn’t have any issues with chafing or pinching in the groin region with the leg straps. Like most seat harnesses, the Sonar will feel a bit bulkier, but that’s the terrain that comes with the territory when you want to combine more comfort with extra support that focuses on your lower back, buttocks and upper thighs.