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Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 8, 10m

Reedin Says:

The SuperModel is the culmination of years of kite design experience and countless hours of testing and fine tuning all details with our production facility.

The goal was to ensure maximum performance with the greatest forgiveness, making sure that you would get virtually no front of back stall ever. It results in a kite that is always flying forward, helping you get upwind, being more responsive to bar input and overall be extremely forgiving to steering mistakes.

Two important components are merged in the SuperModel’s wingtip. The relatively square shape together with the slight “break in the leading edge’s curve” allows for quick response to bar input by decoupling the wingtip from the rest of the LE. When you pull on one side of your bar it allows for the wing tip to very quickly react and engage the turn.

Visit for more info: www.reedinkites.com/products/supermodel/

TKB Says:

Reedin launched its brand earlier this year just as the pandemic shutdowns spread across the globe. Formed as a collaboration between long-time industry product designer Damien Girardin and world champion Kevin Langeree, Reedin’s first kite platform is the SuperModel which aims at the performance freeride rider with balanced all-around handling that appeals to riders across all disciplines.

The SuperModel features a wide, open-C leading edge arc with a mid-range aspect ratio and a smaller diameter leading edge with a slight sweep back into the wingtips. The 3-strut airframe doesn’t use any battens but does employ double ripstop patches along the trailing edge to keep that surface stable. The SuperModel employs a single-setting front bridle that uses a stainless steel slider to adjust its angle of attack, with its front bridle pigtails ending in a larks head and the wingtip attachment points ending in a knot. It comes with the Max Flow valve which offers one of the largest apertures for the inflate/deflate process, making rigging incredibly quick and easy. The Max Flow valve requires a proprietary nozzle that comes with every kite and mates up to a standard pump hose. The leading edge comes with a recommendation on inflation and states that the LE is high-pressure rated up to 11psi.

Lifting the canopy into launch position, we noted that the SuperModel delivers a good blend of quality construction features with an overall lightweight feeling canopy. Immediately we noticed the very comfortable bar pressure landing in the light to medium range, giving a very well-balanced feel that is easy on your arms while still giving you a good feel for the kite’s flying impulses. The sheeting feels fairly progressive, with a little extra power delivery happening within the last two to three inches of being fully sheeted in. The depower is intuitive and capable of dumping most of the pull during gusts for a user-friendly ride in powered-up conditions. The steering response feels crisp into the larger sizes and the turn feels fairly tight, but doesn’t have a pure pivot style turning radius. We noticed the SuperModel has the kind of turning arc that seemed to generate a bit more power and lent itself to powerful big air jumps. The SuperModel likes flying forward in the window, yielding easy upwind performance where the kite locked in at the edge of the window and wanted to keep pulling forward while making solid upwind gains. When it came to riding waves and maneuvering the kite through the middle of the window, the SuperModel wanted to be loaded up and flown more aggressively across the wave path. The SuperModel has decent drift and stability but not as much float as a dedicated wave kite.

When it comes to jumping and big air, the SuperModel shines with solid pulling power that can generate second pulses of lift for longer hangtime and gutsy big air sends. The SuperModel likes to build power with apparent wind and speed, and when combined with its crisp and nimble steering, you get a very capable big air kite that is capable of pushing you to your limits. We see the SuperModel as a performance freeride kite with all-around handling for dabbling in other disciplines (progression/surf/foil) but at its heart is a gutsy adrenalin-inducing power-band that will keep intermediate and advanced kiters hammering the big air button over and over again.

The SuperModel came with Reedin’s new DreamStick control bar that features a rich cross-section of features in a lightweight package. The DreamStick is a dual adjustable length bar (43/49cm) that features inserts on the bottom of the bar end that you pull out to swap between the two lengths. The insert has a small hook that allows you to use your kite lines to disengage the insert, making the swapping process very easy. The DreamStick features two plastic-coated throw lines that run up through the bar’s stainless insert, so after a front roll, the system works to auto-unwind your center lines. The stainless insert has a logo so you know when you’re holding the bar in the right orientation and there’s a very clear red stripe on the left side of the bar as well as colored leader lines and flying lines on the left side (everything else is white), so you have some good color-coding visuals to help you at all times. The Dreamstick comes with 24m lines (22+2m extensions) with the center lines ending in a knot and the outside lines ending in a larks head loop. The power tuning system uses a clam cleat with a Velcro toggle that sticks in place when not in use. The safety system is a single centerline depower that runs down one of the plastic-coated throw lines for a nice clean safety system. The DreamStick has a push-away quick release that uses a click-in design that allows you to reassemble the quick release after a trigger by simply inserting the end of the loop back into the release. There’s a hand swivel that doubles as a quick-release guard and its ball bearings make it incredibly easy to rotate. The bar’s control surface has a nice dense rubbery feel with stamped logos in the grip with raised bumps with an overall ergonomic triangular shape to fit your hands. The bar features soft rubbery bar ends with integrated floats; we noted that the bar ends tend to bend if you wind the lines with too much tension, but regardless, the retractable bungees will keep everything together for a nice clean wrap up. Overall, the DreamStick gets high marks for packaging a ton of functional yet slick design features into a fine-tuned fit and finished control bar, while still keeping the weight to a minimum for a very high-performance feel.

Visit for more info on the bar: www.reedinkites.com/products/dreamstick/