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Sizes Available: Men’s: XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL | Women’s: XS, S, M, L, XL
Sizes Tested: Women’s M

Manera Says:

The 5.3mm Seafarer will provide everything you’re looking for in a reliable winter partner. The backzip offers great flexibility on the chest, very appreciated when moving your upper body.

The Seafarer brings us back to the essentials of what makes a good wetsuit, nothing more, nothing less: warmth, comfort, durability. It’s a no-bullshit wetsuit with Manera’s renowned fit and construction. If you are looking for a high-performance wetsuit at an affordable price, this is the right choice.

Visit for more info: www.manera.com/en/surfing/wetsuits/men-seafarer-steamer-backzip-53.html

TKB Says:

Manera certainly didn’t cut many corners when developing their new no-frills price-conscious Seafarer line. Maintaining their signature 3D design technology, Manera differentiates itself from the rest of the industry by using computer modeling to design their suits in 3D followed by a conversion of those 3D designs to 2D patterns for the factory. This technology results in a pre-shaped wetsuit for an improved fit.

We tested the Seafarer in a 5/3 backzip and found that the backzip comes in handy for those wanting to get in/out of their suit quickly or those with chest or shoulder issues. Since the zip zips down to the lumbar of your back, it provides a much wider opening than a frontzip which makes getting in and out of your suit much faster and easier. There’s no need to ask a friend””the long, thin zipper pull that’s adorned with Manera’s ”˜Stay Salty’ logo is plenty long and easy to reach for the zip up or down. Compared to a frontzip which can sometimes feel restrictive in the shoulder or chest area, the backzip Seafarer feels like it provides a bit more room which translates to added mobility and flexibility. Because the backzip has a smooth chest panel with no overlapping materials in the front, the suit’s upper body has a bit freer and roomier of a feeling.

There’s a thin inside flap that runs up the back, pulls over your head and sits around your neck which protects your back from the outside zipper as well as seals the zipper and neckline from water. Once you zip up the back of the suit there’s an adjustable Velcro closure system around the neck which allows you to choose how tight or loose the collar sits around your neck, creating a more customized and watertight seal. Manera has strategically glued and blind-stitched the most sensitive seams on the suit in the upper torso, shoulders and arms where stitching can often rub or chafe. While not all of the seams are sealed this way, they’ve taped the back panel, as well as all areas where the seams intersect, eliminating any water that may seep in at those intersections.

The Seafarer features what Manera refers to as Triplex; three layers of material designed for warmth, flex and comfort. Re-Flex skin protects the outside of the wetsuit, S-foam insulates in between and a layer of X10D jersey lines the inner skin of the suit for warmth and flexibility. We found this technology to be incredibly comfortable and flexible while still keeping us warm in Northern California’s sub-55-degree water. While the bulk of the Seafarer doesn’t include added fleece along the entire body like the X10D or Magma offerings, it does have nice X10D fleece on the inside of the back panel, providing a thin layer of added thermal insulation.

One of the big plusses of this wetsuit for those two sessions a day types is that it dried surprisingly fast. Perhaps because this suit isn’t overloaded with additional fleece lining or the Triplex construction, but with a bit of sun this suit was ready to start session two dry and toasty. Overall, Manera’s 5/3 Seafarer Backzip gets back to the basics and provides a high quality, easy entry, flexible suit that’ll get you in the water and keep you warm without all the added bells and whistles that rack up the price.