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Sizes Available: 133 x 39cm , 136 x 40cm, 139 x 41cm, 142 x 42cm
Sizes Tested: 139 x 41cm

Airush Says:

The Apex is designed as an all-around versatile twin tip for intermediate to advanced riders, using either boots or bindings, in both freeride and big air. The double concave with a solid center spine for soft landings and better edge grip when riding on flat water, and a double basalt fiber laminate for increased responsiveness and bombproof durability, making the Apex perfect for hooked and unhooked powered tricks, allowing riders to push their limits.

Visit for more info: www.airush.com/product/boards/apex-v7/

Tkb Says:

The Airush Apex is back in its 7th iteration as Airush’s performance freeride board that targets the all terrain ease-of-use rider and the push your limits freeride advanced rider. This is the less expensive double basalt construction version; Airush also offers this board in a full carbon Team version. Right off the bat, while this isn’t the lighter carbon version, we were impressed with the balanced weight of the board and its build quality with 3D deck shaping and scratch-resistant bottom sheet. The Apex seems to mix the straighter template of a freestyle board and the rounded shape of a freeride board while still giving it full-bodied tips for a great middle of the road approach to comfort and edgy performance. The Apex bottom features a full-length double concave with a deep spine between the two and some small step channels along its rail. The board comes with size 35 fins which puts them on the smaller size and features a rocker profile that balances speed and efficiency against user-friendly load and pop. The Apex has a fair amount of flex that keeps things dampened through the chop but has enough stiffness for someone who wants to pop off some unsent freestyle moves. The Apex feels efficient through the water, didn’t require a ton of power to get going, tended to skate through lulls and had really good top-end speed. In terms of tracking, it had medium grip and despite the smaller fins, it didn’t feel skatey because you could lay into its edge for fairly good control and bite, but could break loose easily for transitions. The Apex is a great board that balances freeride comfort with enough stiffness to push into the freestyle envelope and would be an excellent option for progressive beginners and intermediate riders that want a little more performance in their freeride twin tip.

The Apex came with the Element pad and strap combo which is labeled as an AK durable Supply product (the accessory brand affiliated with Airush). The Apex deck offers three inserts for adjusting stance width and the Element pad has a number of options for adjusting duck stance. The pads have a large R and L printed on the pads, so you have no excuse if you mount them backward and the footpads offer a rubbery feel with solid topo lines that gives your foot a cushy and secure feeling. The footbed has a dual density kind of plushness that helps your feet sink into the pad with your heel feeling locked in with a fairly solid toe bump that gives you confidence in your footing. The strap has quad adjustments; one big strap can be tensioned on either side and two smaller closer to your toes. You can move the attachment points forward and aft with one width setting, so you can get a ton of adjustment to dial the strap over your foot. The handle that comes with the board is plastic (though it looks rubbery) and overall the accessories earn high marks for ease of setup, adjustability and comfort.